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We’re always looking for smart, humble, and ambitious people to join forces with us. Let’s build the future of podcasting together!
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Our Culture
At Podpal, we’re driven by an insatiable desire to create technology that helps podcasters create content at scale, build an audience, and monetize their brand.

In addition to function-specific skills, here are some character traits that we believe are essential to building a healthy culture and thriving teams:

🚀 Transformational Self-Starters
At Podpal we value transformational people that can make something out of nothing and self-starters who take initiative to drive team and company initiatives.

📚 Customer Obsessed Creatives
We believe that the best products are born out of a thorough understanding of the user. We look for people with the proven ability to identify the problems worth solving and tailor creative solutions that delight end-users.

No Ego Executers
Every day at Podpal, we push the envelope and take risks. We fail fast and often, because that’s what it takes to be successful. We seek collabortive, humble risk-takers who are willing to embrace the journey of creating value and making a lasting impact.

📚 Resourceful Learners
Learning never stops at Podpal. We are huge believers that it’s not about what you know, but how you pursue knowledge on what you don't know. We look for "T-people" who are functionally deep in their expertise and also have the cross-functional breadth necessary to foster collaboration and transformation.

🎙 Podcast Enthusiasts
Do you have a passion for podcasting, thought-leadership, and knowledge sharing? Good, so do we! Podpalers are the types of people who host a podcast, listen to audio books, watch documentaries, sign up for webinars, and attend conferences. This fuels our passion for advancing podcast technology and helping anyone, anywhere, share their voice.

😁 Friendly Humans
Our teams are energic, upbeat, and positive. We live life on purpose and seek out opportunties to engage in meaningful work that makes a difference. Please note, smiling is a job requirement.
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