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Podpal Media Kit

Feel free to talk about us. When you do, please use our official brand assets & guidelines!

Podpal - a word we created from our mantra “Pod” podcaster, and “pal” friend. Written only as “Podpal”. Please avoid “PodPal” in official news & press. 🙏🏾
Podpal is the all-in-one platform for podcast management. We help podcast teams plan, publish, and promote their show without the stress and clutter.

Our podcast productivity software offers the benefits of traditional podcast hosting paired with the advanced project management features you’d expect from SaaS applications like Trello & Asana.

The future of work meets podcasting to increase efficiency and reduce burnout. Podpal enables podcasters to spend more time doing what they love: telling stories, interviewing guests, and building their brand. Podcast the easy way with Podpal.
The all-in-one platform for podcast management. Podpal combines the best parts of podcast hosting & distribution with productivity tools designed for podcast workflow.
The name Podpal®, the Podpal logo, as well as the phrase “A Podcaster’s Best Friend®” are registered trademarks of Podpal, Inc.
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Access to Podpal brand guidelines and media assets including logos, photos, and team bios.
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