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Register your podcast with Apple using Podpal's step-by-step guide.


Apple Podcasts is one of the leading platforms for s audio and video material from podcasts, lectures, interviews, audio books and other sources to a world-wide audience. Users can download content from Apple Podcasts to a Mac, PC, AppleTV, iPhone or other iOS device and listen to it or view it anywhere, anytime. The Apple Podcasts directory features more than two million shows.Apple Podcasts is available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, CarPlay, Microsoft Windows operating systems, and on Amazon Alexa devices.

Over 75% of podcast listening occurs on Apple Podcasts! Even better, many podcast apps use Apple’s RSS feed requirements. By registering with Apple Podcasts, you’ll lay the foundation of exposure to a massive listening audience!

Benefits of the Podpal integration:

  • Register your podcast with Apple Podcasts using the step-by-step guide in Podpal
  • Display your Apple Podcasts link on your Podcast Website provided by Podpal
  • Get Podcast Analytics and other stats from Apple Podcasts
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