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August 1, 2022

How Universities are Using Podcasts to Reach Students

Podpal Team


Universities have changed the way they deliver education over the last decade to meet the demands of a millennial audience. While in-person lectures and reading textbooks are still commonly used, universities are beginning to add more technology and interactive classes as part of their curriculum. Universities across the world have adopted technology in their classrooms, and podcasts are one of these methods. With more than 500 million listeners and counting, it’s clear that this is a medium that will continue to grow.

Universities are using podcasts as an additional way to communicate with students and deliver content.

What are Podcasts?

A podcast is a series of audio or video files that can be downloaded and listened to whenever a user chooses. The first podcast was created in 2004, and since then, the medium has grown and evolved. Today, podcasts can be created in many forms and on a variety of topics. There is an increasing focus on educational podcasts in particular, with many of these focused on specific topics and subjects. Traditionally, podcasts have been downloaded and saved to a computer or device and then listened to at the listener’s convenience. However, as the medium has grown and evolved, there are now many ways to access podcasts, including apps and voice-activated devices like Amazon Alexa.

Why Are Universities Using Podcasts?

Universities are using podcasts as an additional way to communicate with students and deliver content. Podcasts can supplement information given in classes, give students an opportunity to hear their professor’s audio, and reach students who may not have the opportunity to attend a lecture. Furthermore, podcasts can be used as a review for exams, allowing professors to reach a broader audience outside of the classroom. Beyond the classroom, podcasts are also used by universities to attract prospective students. Podcasts give universities the opportunity to share their story and mission, create a buzz about campus life and events, or develop a cult following for their sports and athletic programs.

How are Universities Using Podcasts?

Podcasts can be used in a variety of ways in and outside of the classroom. The use of podcasts varies from course to course and professor to professor. Some universities use podcasts as an additional way to deliver information in class, while others use podcasts as a means to connect with potential students.

In-class lectures

Universities may use podcasts as a way to supplement lectures in class. Popular podcasts like TED Talks or Freakonomics have been used by many universities as a way to bridge the gap between in-person lectures and readings.


Some universities have used podcasts as a way to give students additional information to supplement written assignments. This could include a podcast that expands upon a written article, or a podcast on a topic not covered in the classroom.


Other universities have used podcasts as a way to quiz students on material from a course. For example, a quiz on an article or podcast episode that students listened to previously.


Podcasts can be used as a review for exams, allowing professors to reach a broader audience outside of the classroom.

Campus Life

Podcasts can be used as a platform to share stories from students on campus or provide additional details about campus events.

Sports & Athletic Programs

Podcasts are a great way to drive a cult following and fandom of athletic programs and teams. Many colleges are using podcasts for this purpose to give their fans another way to stay up to date on scores, stats, roster changes, and more.


Podcasts are an increasingly popular medium, and universities are capitalizing on the opportunity to use podcasts to engage with students. Universities can use podcasts in a variety of ways, from in-class lectures to creating a series to share the university’s story. When creating your university podcast, remember to choose a topic that people are interested in, create a format that works for your team, and create a schedule to keep yourself accountable.

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