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November 2, 2022

Top 10 Podcast Microphones: A Buyer's Guide 2023

Podpal Team

Microphones play a major role when it comes to the quality of the audio you get from recording podcasts. They can be expensive, and there are so many different options on the market. While some podcasters may choose to shell out for a more expensive mic, others will find great value in a more affordable option.

The important thing is that you get started and get your message out there.

Don't feel pressured to spend a bunch of money on a microphone; it’s possible to get great results with less expensive models. You can even use the microphone on your mobile device if you're strapped for funds. The important thing is that you get started and get your message out there. We make that easy with Podpal, but if you are looking to enhance you're audio and need help picking a microphone, this list is for you! Keep reading to learn what kind of podcasting microphone is right for you, and your budget.

What to Look for in a Podcasting Microphone?

Here are some things to consider as you start your search and review our list of the top 10 microphones for podcasters in 2023.


Price is an important factor, so you want to make sure you find something that fits your budget.

Number of People Using It

If your podcast is recorded in a studio, then this won’t matter. However, if you’re recording in-the-field, or in a studio with a live audience, it’s important to make sure the microphone can withstand being near many people at once.

Sound Quality

No matter how cheap the microphone is, if it doesn’t sound good, you’ll want to replace it.

Ease of Use

You want to make sure the microphone is easy to use, and simple enough for anyone to pick up and start using.


Most microphones connect to your computer via a USB cable or a 3.5mm jack. Some mics are also wireless and connect to your computer via Bluetooth, or through a dedicated app. With a wireless microphone, you can also connect it to a smartphone, tablet, or another device, using an app.

Additional Features

Some microphones have additional features, like built-in pop filters, on-board controls, or digital effects. These can come in handy but aren’t necessary.

Condenser Mics

The first type of microphone we’ll look at is the condenser mic. These are one of the most common microphones used in podcasting due to the excellent sound quality they produce. As the name suggests, condenser microphones use a capacitor to generate an electrical charge, which is then amplified, and converted into sound. That being said, condenser microphones are more complex than the dynamic microphones we’ll look at next, and can sometimes be more expensive. Keep in mind that, in order to get the best sound quality from a condenser mic, you’ll want to connect it to a mixer, preamp, or audio interface, as opposed to plugging it directly into your computer.

Dynamic Mics

If you want something cheap and simple, you might want to consider a dynamic microphone. These are extremely common among podcasters, and they come in a wide range of price points. Although they aren’t as high-quality as condenser mics, they still provide a great sound, at an affordable price. Plus, they’re very simple – there’s not much to break, or go wrong with a dynamic mic. Since they’re so cheap, many podcasters will buy a couple of these, and keep them on hand for guests who want to record a short segment for their podcast. It’s also common to see dynamic mics used for recording vocals in music studios.

USB Mics

USB microphones are designed to plug directly into your computer, and don’t require a mixer or preamp. Because of this, they’re very simple, and easy to use. They’re also great for beginners as they’re very affordable, and a good option if you’re looking to save some money. If you’re looking for a USB microphone, try to find one that uses a condenser element, as they provide a much better sound than dynamic USB mics.

The Top 10 Microphones for Podcasters in 2023

Okay, now that you're educated on the differences between tall the types of microphones out there, you can start shopping. But to make that a little easier on you, we've put together our list of the top 10 microphones for podcasting based on feedback from podcasters in our network and lots of experience testing different microphones ourselves. If you can't decide, pick something on this list that fits your budget and you won't be disappointed:

  1. Shure SM 350
  2. Shure SM58
  3. Sennheiser E835
  4. Rode Podmic
  5. Audio Technica AT875r
  6. Electro Voice RE20
  7. Rode Procaster
  8. Neumann KMS105
  9. Blue Yeti Microphone
  10. Samsung GTrack Pro


There are many different types of microphones on the market, and there’s one that’s best for everyone. If you’re looking to start podcasting, it’s important to do your research, and find a microphone that not only fits your budget, but also provides great sound quality. Having a decent mic will make a huge difference in the quality of your podcast. So, make sure you do your research, and choose a microphone that not only fits your budget, but also one that will provide great sound quality.

Podpal Team

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