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August 1, 2022

3 Tips for Creating a University Podcast

Podpal Team

Tip #1 - Choose A Topic That People Are Interested In

While you may feel passionate about a topic, it’s important that it’s also interesting to the listeners. Select a topic that is interesting, but also broad enough to allow you to create multiple episodes. The important thing here is to know your audience. Spend some time thinking about topics that might be appeal to them, and content that will solve a problem they have or an information gap that currently exists for them. Check out our article "How to Choose the Right Topic for Your Podcast" for more help on nailing the perfect topic for your show.

Tip #2 - Choose A Format

There are many different ways you can create podcasts. Some podcasts have one host, while others have multiple hosts. Some podcasts have a live feed and others are pre-recorded. Other formats include interview style, fireside chat, storytelling, and educational. Choose a format that works best for you and your team. You should pick something that you feel confident you can create consistent content around as this is key to building a loyal audience.

Tip #3 - Create A Schedule

While you don’t have to create a schedule, it is helpful to keep yourself accountable. Create a plan for the topics and episodes you want to create, and then stick to it. Podpal makes this easy by allowing you to create episodes in bulk and automatically schedule them for release. Use the Episode Planning dashboard in Podpal to plan ahead and see the bigger picture for your podcast.

Podpal Team

The Podpal team is actively creating blog articles, training videos, and tutorials to help you plan, publish, and promote your podcast.

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